Our 6th Annual Conference is coming up in Helena on Friday, April 14th through Saturday, April 15th. Annual Conference is Montana’s largest democratic decision-making body. This is our opportunity to come together and reaffirm our shared values.

We will kick off the conference by showing up at the Capitol to demonstrate our professional diversity, geographic breadth, and strength to legislators. Lunch will be provided! From there, we will dig into statewide treasurer and board elections, constitutional amendments, a proposed budget and dues, staff reports, and organizing workshops. We, the members of MFPE, are committed to elevating native and people of colors’ voices and fostering leadership opportunities for these members. All active members are eligible to run for any MFPE officer position and nominations were due by March 1st.

The conference comes after four virtual Spring Meetings in March. These meetings will preview the decisions and issues to be decided by Annual Conference delegates. Register for these meetings at mfpe.org/events. All members are welcome!

Every local is eligible to send at least one delegate to Annual Conference. If you’re a local president, please be on the lookout for registration materials headed your way. The deadline to register delegates is Wednesday, March 29th. Contact Becky Thomas at [email protected] if you have any questions. Go to mfpe.org/annualconference to learn more about the conference, board elections, and the proposed constitutional amendments and dues.

Don’t miss Friday evening’s Hall of Fame Celebration where we will induct and honor retired members Sheri Postma (Merged Missoula Classified Employees Organization), Bill Dwyer (Federation of Classified University Staff-UM Western), and Tom Facey (Missoula Education Association).

Join us at Annual Conference. It’s our union: Member led. Member Run.