Who runs MFPE? Members do. MFPE is a grassroots organization and a democracy at every level. Every member has a vote and unrestricted access to every level of MFPE governance.

MFPE has three governance levels: local, district, and state. We have about 400 local affiliates across Montana. Local affiliates are organized into nine districts. District chairs and vice chairs form the state MFPE Board of Directors, along with elected state officers. Active MFPE members may run for any local, regional, or state office.

Board of Directors

Name/Address Work Home/Cell E-Mail Address
President Amanda Curtis, Butte Teachers Union 442-4250 533-9300 [email protected]
1st Vice President Eric Matthews, Bozeman Education Association 522-6322 600-1550 [email protected]
2nd Vice President Michelle Wheat, MT Department of Transportation 444-6333 461-6693 [email protected]
Treasurer Omega Esquivel, Montana Mental Health Nursing Care Center 366-2199 [email protected]
NEA Director KaCee Ballou, Missoula Education Association 207-3140 [email protected]
Governance District #1
Chair Lynne Rider, Kalispell Education Association 751-3844 253-0670 [email protected]
Vice Chair Eden Dias, Whitefish Classified 261-5297 [email protected]
Governance District #2
Chair Christine Kolczak, Missoula Education Association 728-2402 546-1811 [email protected]
Vice Chair Kyle Crapster, Missoula County Health Unit #1 Employees 240-285-6602 [email protected]
Governance District #3
Chair Mike Kenison, Butte Teachers Union 533-2600 491-2654 [email protected]
1st Vice Chair Jill Cohenour, Federation of Public Health and Human Services Employees 444-5261 431-0912 [email protected]
Governance District #4
Chair Kathy Rutherford, Three Forks Teachers Association 285-3224 581-5233 [email protected]
Vice Chair Rebecca Croghan, Belgrade Education Association 539-5962 r[email protected]
Governance District #5
Chair Tom Cubbage, Great Falls Education Association 727-4233 799-1096 [email protected]
Vice Chair Lissy Shaffer, Centerville Education Association 736-5188 727-5115 [email protected]
Governance District #6
Chair Mark Seiffert, MSU-Northern Federation of Teachers 265-5844 [email protected]
Vice Chair Luke Brandon, Lewistown Education Association 366-3651 [email protected]
Governance District #7
Chair Laurie Enebo, Glasgow Education Association 228-8268 228-4238 [email protected]
Vice Chair Jim Johnson, Montana Motor Carrier Services Employees 987-6067 [email protected]
Governance District #8
Chair Karla Clark, Big Horn Education Association 638-2252 665-4226 [email protected] 
Vice Chair Bryan Blair, Pine Hills Correctional Association 232-1377 209-5942 [email protected]
Governance District #9
Chair Doug Robison, Billings Education Association 248-9812 850-5562 [email protected]
Vice Chair Katie Cosby, Yellowstone County Courthouse Employees 530-4630
[email protected]
Governance District #10
Chair Moffie Funk, Retired teacher N/A 461-6785 [email protected]
Vice Chair Joe Cohenour, Retired trooper N/A 431-1144 [email protected]