Who runs MFPE? Members do. MFPE is a grassroots organization and a democracy at every level. Every member has a vote and unrestricted access to every level of MFPE governance.

MFPE has three governance levels: local, district, and state. We have about 400 local affiliates across Montana. Local affiliates are organized into nine districts. District chairs and vice chairs form the state MFPE Board of Directors, along with elected state officers. Active MFPE members may run for any local, regional, or state office.

Board of Directors

President Eric Feaver Helena 442-4250 [email protected]
1st Vice President Bill Dwyer Dillon 683-7164, 683-2890 [email protected]
2nd Vice President Amanda Curtis Butte [email protected]
Treasurer Rich Aarstad East Helena 444-6779, 227-6252 [email protected]
NEA Director Glen Southergill Butte 593.0878 [email protected]
Governace District #1
Chair Gene Marcille Columbia Falls 892-6500, 249-3693 [email protected]
1st Vice Chair Lynne Ogden-Rider Kalispell 751-3844, 253-0670 [email protected]
2nd Vice Chair Patti Carlson Whitefish 431-5137, 435-640-4812 [email protected]
Governace District #2
Chair Christine Kolczak Missoula 728-2402, 546-1811 [email protected]
Vice Chair Pam Burgess Missoula 258-4960, 531-8408 [email protected]
Governace District #3
Chair Mike Kenison Butte 533-2600, 491-2654 [email protected]
Vice Chair Lisa Tucker Helena 422-2704 [email protected]
Governace District #4
Chair Kathy Rutherford Bozeman 285-3224, 581-5233 [email protected]
1st Vice Chair Eric Matthews Bozeman 522-6322, 600-1550 [email protected]
2nd Vice Chair Colette Campbell Belgrade 994-6254, 599-0751 [email protected]
Governace District #5
Chair Yvette Smail Great Falls 771-6041, 799-7186 [email protected]
1st Vice Chair Samantha Harrington Great Falls 788-3631 [email protected]
2nd Vice Chair Vacant
Governace District #6
Chair Trista Doke Havre 395-4474, 945-2282 [email protected]
1st Vice Chair Mark Seiffert Havre 265-5844 [email protected]
2nd Vice Chair Omega Esquivel Lewistown 366-2199 [email protected]
Governace District #7
Chair Laurie Enebo Glasgow 228-8268, 228-4238 [email protected]
1st Vice Chair Cara Lokken-Frandsen Sidney 433-4050, 488-1993 [email protected]
2nd Vice Chair Jim Johnson Wibaux 987-6067 [email protected]
Governace District #8
Chair Jesse Barnhart Broadus 436-2658, 436-2462 [email protected]
1st Vice Chair Karla Clark Hardin 638-2252, 665-4226 [email protected]
2nd Vice Chair Jim Keith Miles City 233-2360. 853-1002 [email protected]
Governace District #9
Chair Rita Wells Billings 248-9812, 629-0181 [email protected]
1st Vice Chair Tom Fulton Billings 896-5417, 852-0147 [email protected]
2nd Vice Chair Brian Murphy Billings 794-9498, 855-7495 [email protected]
Governace District #10
Chair Ron Kimmet Bozeman 679-1973 [email protected]
1st Vice Chair Debbie Willis Billings 860-4673 [email protected]
2nd Vice Chair Joe Cohenour East Helena 431-1144 [email protected]
Director-at-Large Vacant