One Big Union for Montana

The Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE) is Montana’s largest union, created in 2018 when MEA-MFT and the Montana Public Employees Association merged. Our 25,000 members are dedicated public employees who work all across the state, providing essential services to every citizen of Montana.  

Over 6,500 MFPE members are city, county, and state employees in a wide variety of jobs, from highway patrol officers to nurses, from wildlife biologists to accountants. Others are school and university employees -- teachers and staff in Head Start, K-12 schools, and higher education. But all are committed to defending, promoting, enhancing and growing the Montana labor movement and middle class. Montana’s public employees are the people who work to keep our communities and neighborhoods safe, promote the creation of new businesses and jobs, and educate our children. 

Since the 2018 merger, MFPE has only continued to grow in membership numbers and quality of services delivered to public employees living and working across Montana. The tie that binds MFPE members together is a shared dedication to public service, to Montana’s people, and to the professional and economic well-being of Montana’s public employees. MFPE, Montana’s largest union, continues to be a federation of the people, by the people and for the people.  

Core Values

MFPE exists to promote the welfare of its members by representing them with respect to all terms and conditions of employment. We are a union of professionals that champions fairness, democracy, economic opportunity, high quality public education, and healthcare and public services for our families and communities.

We work for fairness and justice for our members and all Montanans.

We believe public services are essential to any civilized society. They allow families, communities, and businesses to thrive. They keep the middle class strong and help vulnerable people weather tough times and get back on their feet.

We believe public services and programs are smart investments that pay for themselves in the long run. They must be adequately funded.

We believe public education is the cornerstone of our democracy.

We believe all working people deserve a voice, a seat at the table, fair treatment in the workplace, and the right to collectively bargain for better working conditions.

We believe public service is work that matters. It is dignified, crucial work that benefits everyone. Public employees are the people who:

  • Keep our communities and neighborhoods safe
  • Keep our drinking water and food supply clean
  • Conduct research that creates new businesses and jobs
  • Educate our children, young people, and adults
  • Help us stay healthy
  • Protect our most vulnerable citizens—children, seniors, and others
  • And much more.