The Teacher Leadership Institute is a national program that readies classroom teachers for leadership roles.

The TLI is a partnership among the MFPE and NEA. Three hundred participants from across the country hone their expertise and engage in leadership work in schools and unions. TLI makes leadership accessible to educators with busy schedules as learning takes place primarily through webinars and video conferences, with much of the work self-paced.

Program Overview
The Teacher Leadership Institute is a cohort based learning experience consisting of:

  • Rigorous competency-based curriculum;
  • Applied experience through a self-selected capstone project;
  • Deep local and national community collaboration;
  • Extensive coaching and support; and
  • Evidence-based portfolio documenting growth in the Teacher Leadership Competencies.

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TLI 2021 cohort dates (January, 2021 – July, 2021)

TLI Launch Face-to-Face meeting #1 (online)             January 9, 2021

TLI Face-to-Face meeting #2 (online)                           April 17, 2021

TLI Face-to-Face meeting #3 (hopefully in-person)  July 19, 2021

Capstones will be due July 31, 2021

Module dates will announced.

OPI Renewal units are offered by MFPE for each face-to-face meeting, module and capstone.    NEA offers TLI Completers a stipend at completion.


TLI 2022 COHORT DATES (November 2021 - July 2022)

TLI Launch Face-to-Face meeting #1                      November 5 – 6, 2021

TLI Face-to-Face meeting #2 (zoom)                      March 5, 2022

TLI Face-to-Face meeting #3                                    July 10 - 11, 2022

Capstones will be due                                                 August 1, 2022

Module (Zoom) dates:

Module 2                                                                    December 7, 2021 6pm

Module 3                                                                    January 1, 2022 6pm

Module 5                                                                    April 5, 2022 6pm

Module 6                                                                    May 3, 2022 6pm

Module 7                                                                    June 7, 2022 6pm

OPI Renewal units are offered by MFPE for each face-to-face meeting, module and capstone.   A stipend is offered at completion for completers.


Past Capstones

Explore some of the past Teacher Leadership Institute capstone projects.


Brenna Stefanik   Jim Darcy Elementary School, Helena           Pathway: Instructional  View Capstone


Chad Jackson    Ponderosa Elementary School, Billings              Pathway: Instructional   View Capstone 


Debbie Tucker   Castle Rock Middle School, Billings                    Pathway: Instructional  View Capstone


Denise Rutledge   Montana School for the Deaf and Blind, Great Falls    

                                  Pathway: Instructional   View Capstone


Erin Sutherland-Evans  Highland Elementary, Billings          Pathway: Instructional   View Capstone


Jennifer Wasson   Montana School of Deaf and Blind, Great Falls  Pathway: Instructional   View Capstone


Jenny Molloy   Russell Elementary, Missoula                             Pathway: Policy   View Capstone


Jessica Davis  Ronan Middle School, Ronan                               Pathway: Association   View Capstone


Julie Smiley  Frenchtown Intermediate School, Frenchtown Pathway: Instructional View Capstone


Keaton Ramm  Park High School, Livingston                           Pathway: Instructional  View Capstone


Keyleigh Hennessy  Bitterroot Elementary School, Billings     Pathway: Instructional  View Capstone


Kim Popham  Belgrade High School, Belgrade                             Pathway: Instructional  View Capstone


Becky Ayler  Park High School, Livingston                                    Pathway: Instructional View Capstone


Severena Samuelson  Four Georgians Elementary, Helena    Pathway: Instructional   View Capstone


Shelby Murphy  Lone Rock Elementary School, Lone Rock     Pathway: Policy  View Capstone


Teresa De Armas  Morning Star, Bozeman                                 Pathway: Instructional  View Capstone



Amanda Rapstad, Belgrade             View Capstone 


Calli Nicholson, Billings                  View Capstone


Cassie Kutzler, Billings                   View Capstone


Christine O'Shea, Bozeman            View Capstone


Cindy Gopp, Lockwood                     View Capstone


Connie Michael, Hardin                  View Capstone


Courtney Wolcott,  Monforton      View Capstone


Dacia Lackey, Bozeman                   View Capstone 


Hillary Gnerer,  Billings                  View Capstone


Hollee Goody,  Helena                    View Capstone


Jessica Felchle,  Billings                View Capstone


Justine Alberts, Helena                View Capstone


Kelsey Flynn, Townsend               View Capstone


Laura Ortman,  Helena                View Capstone


Maria Foot, Helena                       View Capstone


Nicholas Ottoy,  Billings             View Capstone


Nora Martin, Monforton


Teresa Marchant, Lockwood     View Capstone


Angela Mock, Polson  Capstone: Family Connections.


Chandra Lind, Bozeman  Capstone: Conference Presenter


Cynthia McBride, Bozeman  Capstone: Parent Pathways


Hannah Williams, Stevensville  Capstone:  Revamping the union through communication and collaboration


Jenny Cade, Bozeman  Capstone: Conscious Discipline.


Kate Belinda, Red Lodge  Capstone: Help will always be given at RLEA to those who ask for it.


Katy Wright, Helena  Capstone: Montessori Equity


Lauren Zent, Billings  Capstone:  Mentor Program


Mattie Walton, Billings  Capstone: Engage preservice teachers in classrooms as substitutes while also providing classroom management skill-building.


Mike Telling, Dillon


Nikki Vradenburg, PBS  Capstone: Improving professional development for teachers in rural schools


Patricia Ritter, Bozeman  Capstone: Debunking the myths surrounding education and educators through teacher biographies.


Rebecca Telling, Dillon  Capstone: Reorganization of our union.


Sarah Piper, MFPE  Capstone: Clarity, cohesion, and communication.


Stacey Sager, Stevensville


Stephanie McBride-Bergantine, Bozeman  Capstone: Connecting Math Intervention to the classroom.


Tracy Hardy, Missoula Capstone: Resources to encourage differentiated instruction and small group practices.



Alison Feddes, Bozeman  Capstone: Connecting our district k-5 special education teachers as an organized group.


Anna Akger, Helena  Capstone: Kindergarten Academy: Parent/Student night after Kindergarten Screening to help parents and students feel ready for school!


Ben Cummins, Missoula  Capstone: Assist teachers in my district to earn their National Board Certification.


Brooke Taylor, Billings  Capstone:  Implementation of social justice in math


Caitlin Chiller, Livingston  Capstone: Creating a professional development opportunity that will help high school English teachers in rural schools in Montana connect with one another.


Courtney Cox, Billings  Capstone: Kindergarten readiness


Deb Persons, Bozeman  Capstone: Academic Parent Teacher Teams


Georgia Holt, Gallatin Gateway  Capstone: Create a learning network for Rural Gallatin/Madison County Teachers in Montana for professional development and peer revision.


Gia LaForge, Bozeman   Capstone: Implementing Academic Parent Teacher Teams


Kathy Hoyt, Billings  Capstone:  Create a Digital Literacy Curriculum for the Middle School.


Kellen Alger, Helena  Capstone: Re-establishing a productive district wide labor management team


Kelly Hayden, Bozeman  Capstone: Teacher centered PD using Twitter to inspire and connect.


Kelly Haverlandt, Whitefish    Capstone: I will be designing an instructional tool for members to use as a guide to understand our evaluation instrument.


Kim Busch, Billings  Capstone: equality of services for students at non-Title 1 schools.


Kim Stout, Helena  Capstone: Recruiting Teachers for National Board Certification.


Laurel King, Kalispell   Capstone: Peer coaching cooperative


Lisa Pickens, Laurel  Capstone: Developing Curturaly Responsive IEFA materials for my grade level


Luci McCausland, Bozeman  Capstone: Define and cultivate the role of building representatives in order to increase communication between teachers, union leaders and our district administration.


Margaret Aukshun, Billings  Capstone: Eliciting and Interpreting Student Evidence in Algebra PLC


Nicole Bogunovich, Billings  Capstone: Creating an effective technology PD model within my school


Rachel Marker, Bozeman  Capstone: Teacher-directed PD via Twitter: becoming a connected educator.


Sarah Sandau, East Helena  Capstone: Coaching/Mentoring/Collaboration in Technology.


Teresa Mountains, Billings  Capstone: Increasing member activeness, awareness and increase new members



Mary Lyndes, Missoula   Capstone: Getting funding for the Franklin Home Teacher Project


Kathleen Devlin, Missoula   Capstone: Getting funding for the Franklin Home Teacher Project


Carla Swenson, Glasgow  Capstone: To create a multi-tiered mentorship program for my district


Crista Anderson, Dixon  Capstone: Develop a digital model of professional development supporting Common Core implementation that meets the needs of systems (district leadership, principals, educators, community, and parents.)


Ann Brucker, Billings  Capstone: PR and Communication for BPS


Kelly Jones, Bozeman  Capstone: Early Childhood Advocacy in Montana


Christine Rasmussen, Bozeman  Capstone: Early Childhood Advocacy in Montana


Kate Cordes, Billings  Capstone: How Student Motivation Affects The Accuracy of Assessments


Sara Hagen Hull, Missoula   Capstone: Mentoring in Special Education


Trish Klock, Helena  Capstone: Meaningful Mentoring


Jane Shawn, Helena  Capstone: Meaningful Mentoring


Jake West, Helena  Capstone: Meaningful Mentoring


Elizabeth Matthews, Gallatin Gateway  Capstone: Creating more awareness and involvement with the Presidential Award of Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching in the State of Montana


Marne Burt, Billings  Capstone: Taking on a mentorship role in my building and assisting in various projects that improve the learning of students by empowering other teachers with  21st skills.


Tara Hirsch, Bozeman  Capstone: Growing Resilience in Young Teachers


Kristi Gaines, Bozeman Capstone: Moving Math Forward in Montana

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