The “Freedom” Foundation is targeting MFPE members like YOU. Who are they?


Tom McCabe, “Freedom” Foundation CEO. “McCabe has spent countless resources — including staff hours and donors’ money — in a blatant effort to harass workers and coerce them to opt out of their union.” – Accountability Project

The so-called “Freedom Foundation” is running ads targeting YOU.  So, who are these people? The “Freedom Foundation” is a special interest think tank funded by corporations and the ultra wealthy who want to dismantle state government and public education, cut public services and jobs, and hand public services like education and worker’s compensation over to for-profit private corporations. They’ve set their sights on MFPE because we’re the biggest obstacle to their agenda.

They say they stand for freedom but what they really want is to free up corporations and the ultra wealthy to make as much money as possible and free working families from jobs with good wages, benefits, and protections.

“Freedom” Foundation Facts

  • The “Freedom” Foundation has publicly opposed pay raises for teachers and public employees.
  • The “Freedom” Foundation wants to end public employee pensions.
  • The “Freedom” Foundation wants to increase our health care monthly premium rates.
  • The “Freedom” Foundation and Teacher “Freedom” are front groups for wealthy special interests.
  • Most importantly, “Freedom” Foundation has no idea how committed we are to our work.

REAL Freedom is an American value. Montana workers deserve the freedom to negotiate fair wages and secure benefits. The “Freedom” Foundation wants to trick hardworking Montanans into giving up those rights. They want to trick us into surrendering our ability to impact the decisions affecting our workplace, negotiate as a team, and demand respect.