IMPORTANT! Public employees should NOT use work computers, phones, fax machines, or other work property to contact legislators


Use the legislative e-mail system. Quick and easy. Messages are printed and delivered to legislators several times a day. You can e-mail an individual legislator or an entire committee.

Keep your e-mails brief! That's the best way to make sure they get read.


Call 406-444-4800 to leave a message for up to 5 legislators or all members of a committee. You'll be asked for your name, home address, phone number, and a brief message.


Representatives: 406-444-4825 Senators: 406-444-4875


Representative [name], PO Box 200400, Helena, MT 59620-0400

Senator [name], PO Box 200500, Helena, MT 59620-0500

TIPS for contacting legislators

  • Address your letter or e-mail to a specific legislator.
  • Be sure to state in the opening sentence your position "for" or "against" a bill. THEN give the reasons.
  • Include the number and title of the bill you are concerned about.
  • Include your name and home address.
  • Include your name, address, and a little about who you are (for example, where you work or what school you attend).
  • Keep it brief & polite.
  • THANK legislators for considering your view.
  • Proofread carefully in all written correspondence!