Fellow Job Title Location Capstone Contact Information  
Anne Keith, NBCT, TLI State Coach for Montana Instructional Coach Bozeman Introducing Genius Hour to Teachers as a Tool to Incorporate “21st Century Skills” in k-12 Classrooms 2MTTeacherCoach


Shelly Stanton, NBCT, TLI State Coach for Montana Technology Integration Specialist Billings To Help the District & Union Develop a Mentorship Program www.bpstis.org




Mary Lyndes, NBCT 2nd Grade Missoula Getting funding for the Franklin Home Teacher Project.    
Kathleen Devlin, NBCT 2nd Grade Missoula Getting funding for the Franklin Home Teacher Project.    
Carla Swenson 3rd Grade   To create a multi-tiered mentorship program for my district    
Crista Anderson     Develop a digital model of professional development supporting Common Core implementation that meets the needs of systems (district leadership, principals, educators, community, and parents).    
Ann Brucker Technology Integration Specialist Billings PR and Communication for BPS BPS-TIS



Kelli Turner 5th Grade Kalispell   @kells628

Kelli Kyger-Turner

Lee Ruud Elementary Literacy Teacher Great Falls      
Kelly Jones Kindergarten Bozeman Early Childhood Advocacy in Montana    
Christine Rasmussen Kindergarten Bozeman Early Childhood Advocacy in Montana www.mrsrasmussen.com  
Kate Cordes, NBCT English and Learning Recovery Teacher Billings How Student Motivation Affects The Accuracy of Assessments    
Christina Schertel Special Education Director Troy      
Sara Hagen Hull Special Education/English/Strategies teacher Missoula Mentoring in Special Education www.facebook.com/sara.hagen.hull



Trish Klock   Helena Meaningful Mentoring    
Jane Shawn, NBCT 1st Grade Helena Meaningful Mentoring    
Jake West p-12 Special Education Helena Meaningful Mentoring    
Elizabeth Matthews Middle School Math and Science Gallatin Gateway Creating more awareness and involvement with the Presidential Award of Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching in the State of Montana @ematthews2424

FB: Liz Boyle Matthews


Marne Burt Middle School English Teacher Billings Taking on a mentorship role in my building and assisting in various projects that improve the learning of students by empowering other teachers with 21st skills. Burtm.weebly.com


Tara Hirsch 3rd Grade Bozeman Growing Resilience in Young Teachers    
Kristi Gaines 2nd Grade Bozeman Moving Math Forward in Montana [email protected]  
Melissa Romano-Lehman 4th Grade Helena   @hmelisct

FB: romano.melissa