Name Location Job Title Capstone Contact  
Kelly Haverlandt Whitefish English & photojournalism I will be designing an instructional tool for members to use as a guide to understand our evaluation instrument.



Fb: Haverlandt


Kellen Alger Helena   Re-establishing a productive district wide labor management team


Kim Busch Billings 5th/6th Combo Teacher I am leaning toward something with equality of services for students at non-Title 1 schools.



[email protected]


Courtney Cox Billings Kindergarten Kindergarten readiness


Lisa Pickens Laurel 1st Grade Developing Culturally Responsive IEFA materials for my grade level




Brooke Taylor Billings Math I would like to find a teacher survey about implementation of social justice in math.



Teresa Mountains Billings Spanish Teacher Increasing member activeness, awareness and increase new members



Anna Alger Helena Kindergarten Kindergarten Academy: Parent/Student night after Kindergarten Screening to help parents and students feel ready for school!


Nicole Bogunovich     Creating an effective technology PD model within my school


Benjamin Cummins     My project is to assist teachers in my district to earn their National Board Certification.  I am working with the MEA (ambassador project) and principals in the district to go and meet with schools and interested faculty.


Alison Feddes Bozeman k-5 resource teacher My capstone project is connecting our K-5 Special Educuation teachers in our district. We do not current meet as an organized group. During our PIR days, we have to choose a grade and meet with regular education teachers. That does not always meet our training needs. I have surveyed our staff and received feedback from 15/17 in favor of meeting once a month and stanying connected inbetween through an online learning management system. Our job is too hard to do alone. 🙂


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Kelly Hayden Bozeman 5th Grade Teacher centered PD using Twitter to inspire and connect.


Gia LaForge Bozeman 1st Grade Implementing Academic Parent Teacher Teams


[email protected]


Rachel Marker Bozeman Instructional Coach/Curriculum Specialist Teacher-directed PD via Twitter: becoming a connected educator



Luci McCausland Bozeman 4th Grade Define and cultivate the role of building representatives in order to increase communication between teachers, union leaders and our district adminstration.


Deb Persons Bozeman Interventionist Academic Parent Teacher Teams


[email protected]  
Margaret Aukshun     Eliciting and Interpreting Student Evidence in Algebra PLC


Cailtin Chiller     My capstone project is about creating a professional development opportunity that will help high school English teachers in rural schools in Montana connect with one another.


Georgia Holt Gallatin Gateway 3rd grade Create a learning network for Rural Gallatin/Madison Count Teachers in MT for professional development and peer revision.


[email protected]


Kathi Hoyt Billings Teacher Librarian Create a Digital Literacy Curriculum for the Middle School.


Laurel King     Peer coaching cooperative


Sarah Sandau East Helena 1st Grade Coaching/Mentoring/Collaboration in Technology. Specifically, increasing teacher education and experience in utilizing iPads as a presentation, instruction, assessment, and activity tool in all subjects. I will open my classroom doors for observation, offer to lead lessons in other classrooms, lead a whole-school training, and do one-on-one training follow-up meetings.


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Kim Stout, NBCT Helena 1st Grade Recruiting teachers for National Board Certification


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