Curtis, Southergill elected to MFPE Board of Directors

November 19, 2018 / Comments (0)


2nd Vice President Amanda Curtis and NEA Director Glen Southergill

On Friday November 16th, Amanda Curtis and Glen Southergill were both elected to the MFPE Board of Directors. Curtis was elected to serve as MFPE’s 2nd Vice President and Southergill was elected as MFPE’s NEA Director. Prior to Friday’s election, Curtis served as MFPE’s NEA Director, but she resigned the position following her election as 2nd Vice President. Curtis ran unopposed while two members were nominated for the position of NEA Director: Southergill and Lynn Ogden Rider.

“It’s an honor to serve my brothers and sisters as 2nd Vice President,” said Curtis after her election to the MFPE Board of Directors. “I look forward to working together to build our membership, continue our services, protect our interests in the Legislature, and grow the Montana labor movement. I’m ready to get to work!”

“As NEA Director, I am honored to serve all of our members and the vital work that they do every day, When they and their families succeed, our communities and great state thrive,” said Southergill. “Together, in solidarity, we will work to realize the values held dear in our Union’s mission: fairness, democracy, economic opportunity, and high-quality public services.”

The MFPE Board of Directors reflects MFPE’s diverse membership. 1st Vice President Bill Dwyer is a classified employee at U of M Western; 2nd Vice President Amanda Curtis is a teacher in the Butte school district; Treasurer Rich Aarstad is an archivist with the Montana Historical Society; and NEA Director Glen Southergill faculty member at the Montana University of Technology.

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