Your Elected Leaders

Chere LeClair, AFMSU President, Architecture, [email protected]

Tom Woods, AFMSU Vice President, [email protected]

Sara Rasch, AFMSU Secretary, [email protected]

Kari Cargill, AFMSU Treasurer, Microbiology & Cell Biology, [email protected]

It Takes All of Us to Bargain & Protect Our Contract

Our union is committed to bargaining contracts with the wages, benefits, and working conditions we deserve. We work hand in hand to defend our contracts and our workplace rights. Find our latest contract here.

AFMSU members have the right to elect our local union leadership and vote in all contract ratifications. More members also means more leverage and power at the bargaining table. Become an AFMSU (and MFPE!) member at

Read the AFMSU Constitution HERE

Please contact Chere for information on dues or if you have any questions.