Don’t Forfeit Our Future: Invest Now to Get America Safely Back to School and Back to Work

While COVID-19 is triggering state and local budget crises across the nation, MFPE members are essential to reopening our state safely.

We cannot get back to work, back to school, and back to our future without critical investments, and without ensuring workers have a voice in that process. The Senate and the president must fund public education and state and local public services now. That’s why it is so important for our senators to hear from you and your colleagues.

Please take a moment to call Senator Daines – today!

You can use these sample talking points

  • Congress has not done nearly enough to provide state and local governments with the funding they need to continue to deliver quality public services.
  • If we see massive layoffs because we don’t get state and local aid, there will be extreme cuts to public services with catastrophic effects. Entire communities will suffer both from a public health and economic perspective.
  • We can’t fight this pandemic or reopen the economy without strong public services and public service workers to deliver critical services.
  • We continue to put our lives on the line every day to serve our communities. We do it because we love our jobs and care about helping people, and I don’t think anyone believes we deserve to be laid off.