We are stronger together.

In 2022, MFPE members bargained an historic pay plan for state employees and higher education faculty and staff with the governor. Thousands of us then worked together to pass our pay plan through the 2023 Legislature.

Our pay plan is the reason everyone working at the State or in the University System are receiving another $3,000 or 4% raise this July 1st. By July 1st, 2025, everyone will be making at least $6,000 more than we were two years ago. That doesn't just happen.

When more employees join their co-workers in our union, our ability to bargain better wages, benefits, and working conditions grows.

It takes all of us. Now's your chance to join your co-workers. You can join MFPE at MFPE.org/Sign. You're needed to help secure another pay plan that is fair and will keep us doing work that matters. By joining our union--your union--you will grow your bargaining team's strength.

And our union's work doesn't end at the pay plan:

  • First we bargain fair contracts. Then we continually defend our rights within them.
  • Together, we partner with elected leaders of all parties and at every level to fund our professions and defend our pensions.
  • Member benefits help us stretch our paychecks with deals on things like house insurance.