Join the Protect Montana Team: Don’t Hand Over Control of Montana’s Public Schools and Services

The 2023 Legislature will bring challenges and opportunities for Montana’s public schools, public services and those who do the work. If you believe in a Montana where we have a shared responsibility for the well-being of our neighbors and communities, sign up to become a Protect Montana Team member.

Join the team to: 

  • Add your voice to thousands of school, city, county, and state workers pushing for fairness in the legislature.
  • Remind elected leaders that Montana values responsible government.
  • Protect our freedom to learn in quality public schools.
  • Fund the critical public services, from law enforcement to healthcare to road maintenance and beyond, which keep our communities safe and healthy.

We believe Montanans elected a pro-worker, pro-public services majority of legislators. We know special interests will work hard to get them to change their minds. We are determined to make sure our voice is louder. 

Montanans don’t want to hand over control of our public schools and public services to for-profit, out-of-state corporations. Join the team: Protect Montana.