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Some MEA-MFT members see horrific increases in health insurance rates

Mar. 18, 2010 – Message from MFT-MFT President Eric Feaver

The Montana Unified Schools Trust (MUST) has announced huge, unbelievable health insurance rate increases for next year. 


Full disclosure: MEA-MFT is one of the three sponsoring partners in MUST. Montana School Boards Assoc. and School Administrators of Montana are the other two.  We created MUST to provide quality, competitive health insurance products for school employees all across Montana.  What is happening to MUST and the school employees it insures is a Montana health care horror story.


Some MEA-MFT members enrolled in MUST will have to choose between health care premiums and buying food and paying the rent. 


Some may actually pay almost as much in premium for their families as they earn.


This cannot stand. It is unacceptable in any society anywhere. 


But we can at least add this horror story, this Montana health care horror story, to the national debate over health care insurance reform.


Today, at our urging, Senator Tester did just that.  He delivered our message to the United States Senate. 


I am grateful to Senator Tester and his staff for recognizing the pain even middle class Montanans suffer as they attempt to properly insure themselves and their families.

Watch Senator Tester on the video below.  Spread the word.


Can’t see the video? Click here.



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