129 MFPE Members Receive Governor’s Award

October 23, 2020 An incredible 129 MFPE members have received the 2020 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Performance. Established …...

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MFPE member receives teacher of the year award

June 3, 2020 Great news for MFPE member Lori Lewis! “Stevensville Middle School physical education teacher Lori Lewis has …...

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MFPE member rescues boy swimming in Lake Elmo

June 3, 2020 Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office Detective Troy Charbonneau, an MFPE member, was kayaking on Lake Elmo Tuesday …...

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MFPE Member Microbiologist’s Work is Timely and Essential

April 10, 2020 We recently had a chance to talk with MFPE member Kari Cargill about the work she is …...

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MFPE Member State Troopers Continue to Keep Montana Safe

April 7, 2020 The work of Montana’s law enforcement can’t stop in the face of a pandemic. However, COVID-19 …...

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MFPE members working to keep Montanans safe and healthy

April 3, 2020 Members of MFPE Local 8512 are hard at work delivering essential services through the Missoula City-County …...

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MFPE Educators Bring Joy and Inspiration to Students Through Music

April 2, 2020 MFPE member educators love their professions and their students. That hasn’t changed since COVID-19 shutdown Montana’s …...

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MFPE members preparing cities and towns for COVID-19

April 1, 2020 Missoula and life has been very busy since COVID-19 hit Montana. “I worked with the Missoula …...

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MFPE Members Continue to Make Child Safety a Top Priority During COVID-19 Outbreak

March 26, 2020 By MFPE member Patrick Wayne, Child and Family Services Public service is alive and thriving in …...

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Work that Matters: Putting Tech to the Test During COVID-19

March 24, 2020 Rick Wilkowski is a Network Systems Engineer with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human …...

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