Motor Carrier Services Officers Protect the Public and Our Investments

Did you know that MFPE represents more law enforcement officers than any other union in Montana? It’s a fact. MFPE President Amanda Curtis went on a ride-along with Corporal Brad Billington of the Montana Department of Transportation’s Motor Carrier Services Division to see firsthand the important work our fellow MFPE members do to enforce the statutes and regulations regarding the size and weight of vehicles that use our highways.

MFPE President Amanda Curtis and MCS Corporal Brad Billington

They say that Montana is one small town with really long streets. If that’s true, the people at Motor Carrier Services are the ones who protect those long streets – literally.

Officers like Brad Billington protect the safety of the traveling public and defend our investment in Montana’s Highway system so that all Montanans can continue to connect our communities, expand our businesses, and safely see every corner of our great state.

From educators to public employees to law enforcement, MFPE is one big union of great Montanans doing work that matters.

MCS Corporal Billington conducts a vehicle inspection.

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