One bad bill down

February 4, 2011 / Comments (0)



MEA-MFT has put one really bad bill out of its misery.


HB 154 (Knox)  – “Anybody can be superintendent of public instruction”

HB 154 would have eliminated any educational requirement for candidates who run for and serve as Montana’s superintendent of schools.


HB 154 was heard in House Education Committee. Proponents included some of the same home school, libertarian, anti-public school folks who testified against the bill to raise the drop-out age to 18.


HB 154 passed out of House Education Committee Jan. 24 on a 8-7 vote. Two Republicans and five Democrats voted no. Then it passed 2nd reading in the House Feb. 2.


In an unexpected turn of events, House majority leaders moved to pull HB 154 off 3rd reading for the day and reschedule for Feb. 3. On Feb. 3, HB 154 died on 3rd reading. That means it is dead for the session.


Smarter heads prevailed. This is good.

We know legislators have received lots of opposing e-mail. Your e-mail. Thank you!



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