HB603 tabled!

April 11, 2011 / Comments (0)


Apr. 11 – GOOD NEWS! HB 603 — the insidious school privatization bill — was tabled in Senate Education today.


HB 603 now joins tuition tax credit bills HB 397(Knox) and SB 282(Lewis) on the dead bills list. Your email and your phone calls made the difference!  
Please e-mail thanks to all the following Senators who voted to TABLE HB 603. You can use the legislative e-mail system. 
Ryan Zinke
Rick Ripley
Gary Branae
Tom Facey
Bob Hawks
Bob Lake

HB 603 is an insidious, backdoor way to hand our public schools off to unknown and unaccountable persons or corporations that may even be out-of-state or out-of-nation. Imagine your tax dollars going a private Chinese corporation that owns a charter school in Montana.  Read more about this dangerous bill.


Another bad bill remains in play. URGENT ACTION NEEDED.


SB 315 (Ripley) – an attack on teacher tenure. It basically guts due process for teachers. MEA-MFT succeeded in tabling it, but it’s back. 


To our surprise, the House passed consideration on SB 315 on 2d Reading April 8. We don’t know why.  Maybe it is because YOU and hundreds like you are e-mailing all House members and telling them how ridiculous, insulting, and unnecessarily confrontational this bill is — and how they should all vote NO.


One representative admitted he had already received over 400 emails opposing SB 315!

Your calls and e-mails make a difference!


Passing consideration on a bill does NOT kill the bill, however — it simply postpones House debate until another day. The House will vote on SB 315 any moment.


URGENT action needed: Please contact any and all House members. Ask them to stop this terrible idea. Use our legislative action feature. (Note that the House is divided into 4 groups by district, so you’ll have to send your e-mail 4 times to reach all House members.)

Or call 406-444-4800 to leave a message for up to 5 House members at a time.



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