Teacher tenure attack still in play

April 13, 2011 / Comments (0)


Apr. 13 – The House has just passed consideration of SB 315 for the day.


SB 315 (Ripley) is a flat-out attack on teacher tenure. It basically guts due process for teachers. MEA-MFT succeeded in tabling it at one point, but it’s back.


This is the second time the House has passed consideration on SB 315.


Again this time, passing consideration does NOT mean victory for us.
It may only mean delay. Delay could be for the rest of the week because legislative leaders are working right now to “take a break” until Monday.
If so, SB 315 could indeed be on 2d reading once again, Monday, April 18.
If, however, the legislature does NOT take a break, SB 315 could be on 2d reading tomorrow.
Your e-mail has been overwhelming. It is significant. And it must continue.
Meanwhile, MEA-MFT will continue to lobby the issue hard until this session kills the bill or finally ends — whichever comes first.


URGENT action needed: Please contact any and all House members. Ask them to stop this terrible idea. Use our legislative action feature. (Note that the House is divided into 4 groups by district, so you’ll have to send your e-mail 4 times to reach all House members.)


Or call 406-444-4800 to leave a message for up to 5 House members at a time.



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