Nominations Open for the MFPE Foundation’s 2024 Eric Feaver Distinguished Leader Award

January 4, 2024 / Comments (0)


The 2021 Annual Conference established the Eric Feaver Distinguished Leadership award to honor founding President Eric Feaver’s contributions to the labor movement and to recognize MFPE members’ contributions to the betterment of their communities and our union.

Union members have a profound impact on their communities, their locals and MFPE through their volunteerism. Their passion inspires others to join and strengthen our cause. The Eric Feaver Distinguished Leadership Award is given to recognize our fellow individual or teams of members who go above and beyond fighting for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

MFPE President Eric Feaver

Please send nominations to [email protected] before March 18th. Nominations should include:

1. Your name and local union

2. Name and local union of nominee

3. Brief (fewer than 750 words) narrative describing nominee’s contributions to MFPE, their local, and/or the labor movement.

4. Picture of the nominee



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