Thanks to MEA-MFT, 141 teachers get help with student loans

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Read the article below, and know that after several legislative years of trying, MEA-MFT created the Montana student loan repayment program for teachers in the 2007 legislative session. 
It’s just one more thing your union has done that continues to resonate positively across our state.
It’s one more thing not to be forgotten, especially when a member asks, “What has my union done for me lately?”
Learn more about this vital program, administered through the Office of Public Instruction.

Montana to help 141 teachers repay student loans

Billings Gazette – August 11, 2011


HELENA – The state office of public instruction says Montana is providing student loan repayment help to 141 teachers in the fourth year of a program that gives incentives to educators to teach in needed fields in rural areas.


The teachers selected for the program will get student loan repayment assistance of up to $3,000 a year for up to four years. This year, $417,000 was awarded in student loan repayment assistance.


The 141 teachers who are receiving loan repayment assistance work in 95 different schools and three special education cooperatives. The top identified shortage areas were special education, math and career and technical education. More than 220 teachers applied for the assistance.



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