Americans want jobs, not cuts to Social Security & Medicare

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American Dream Movement to Washington: Americans want jobs, no cuts In Social Security & Medicare
8/11/2011 Workers Independent News

By Doug Cunningham


The American Dream movement is busy this summer telling Congress what Americans really want when it comes to government spending and the economy. There’s a Contract For The American Dream that lays out a progressive alternative to austerity policies.


Natalie Foster, CEO and co-founder of Rebuild The Dream, says the American Dream movement has a clear message for Congress:


“For months the debate in Washington has been focused on cutting programs that people depend on rather than creating jobs and making millionaires pay their fair share. We have a very simple message for Washington. And that is that America is not broke.


“Americans don’t want Congress to gut vital programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid but Americans do want jobs. And they want an economy that builds a strong middle class and a future that they can believe in.”


Dozens of organizations, including labor unions, the Sierra Club, and many others are partners in the American Dream movement. Foster says 130,000 people wrote the Contract For The American Dream online, submitting 20,000 ideas.


“And then offline in every congressional district in the country there were house meetings that happened where people came together and deliberated the things that had risen to the top online. And from that came the Contract for the American Dream, a progressive economic vision for this country.”


You can read and sign the Contract For The American Dream at 

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