Legislators gunning for your pension

January 30, 2013 / Comments (0)




Dave Lewis, R-Helena, is gunning for the pension you’ve earned.

Protecting public employees’ and teachers’ pensions is one of MEA-MFT’s top priorities this legislative session.


Some legislators — notably Dave Lewis (R-Helena) are determined to undo Montana’s generations-old promise of a dignified, poverty-free retirement for public employees and teachers.


It’s especially ironic given that Lewis, a former Montana state employee, is now living comfortably on his state pension (PERS). Apparently he believes he deserves a defined benefit pension, but new state employees don’t.


Read “The Truth About Public Employee Pensions” for background on this issue.


Visit MEA-MFT’s pension coalition (“Montana’s Promise”) Facebook page.


Read news article on Dave Lewis’s crusade to undo Montana’s public pensions.


Get ready to take action to help protect your pension!



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