MEA-MFT and allies release mid-session voting record

March 4, 2013 / Comments (0)





MEA-MFT and our allies in Montana public education have been working together as never before during the 2013 Montana Legislature.


Our collaborative work is all about improving academic achievement for Montana’s children in our public schools. It is based on our shared belief that Montana’s public schools are succeeding, improving, innovative, efficient, widely supported by Montana voters, and in need of adequate funding to continue their good work.


Along with working together on legislation, this coalition has, for the first time, compiled a mid-session voting record, released as the legislature begins its transmittal break, Feb. 28.


Read the voting record here.


MEA-MFT’s allies in this effort include the Montana School Business Officials, Montana Rural Education Association, Montana Quality Education Coalition, Montana School Boards Association, and School Administrators of Montana.


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