Pension bills pass 3rd reading, school funding advances

April 17, 2013 / Comments (0)




An amazing couple of days at the Montana Legislature.
Today the Senate passed the two bills that fix public employee pension systems (TRS and PERS) on 3rd reading. This is great news. See below for more on these bills (HB 377 and HB 454).
Yesterday the House passed our school funding bill, SB 175 (Jones), on 3d reading. The bill now goes back to the Senate hopefully to concur with House amendments. Vote was 58 – 41. See the vote here  SB 175 with amendments is on 2nd reading on Senate floor today.
Yesterday the Senate passed HB 377 (Woods) – to amortize and save the Teachers Retirement System– on 2d reading. Vote was 30 – 20.  See the vote here
In addition, the Senate passed HB 454 (McChesney) – to amortize and save the Public Employees Retirement System – on 2d reading . 31 – 19. See the vote here 
Further, the Senate stopped HB 423 (Murphy) – a dangerous legislative referendum defining the scope and boundaries of k-12 sex education, on a tie vote 25 – 25 and then indefinitely postponed the bill 28 – 22.
Good things are happening here at the legislature.


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