HB 377 (save TRS) passes 3rd reading

April 22, 2013 / Comments (0)


4-2313 4:14 p.m.


Great news — HB 377, the bill to amortize and save the Montana Teachers Retirement System (TRS), passed 3d reading in the House.

Big thanks to Rep. Tom Woods, sponsor of HB 377


That’s the final vote on this bill. On to the governor’s desk.  


Many thanks to everyone who contacted legislators on this crucial bill. And thanks to all House members who voted for it. See vote here.


Huge thanks to Rep. Tom Woods, who sponsored the bill and has done an excellent job defending it during hearings and debate!


Yesterday, HB 454, the bill to amortize the Public Employees Retirement System, passed 3d reading, its final hurdle before the governor’s desk.






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