Melanie Charlson is new VP of MEA-MFT

August 4, 2014 / Comments (0)



The MEA-MFT Board of Directors voted August 2 to elect Melanie Charlson as the new vice president of MEA-MFT.

The position of vice president became vacant recently when Tammy Pilcher resigned in order to take a job as an MEA-MFT field consultant. According to the MEA-MFT constitution, the board of directors elects a successor to fulfill an unexpired term.

Charlson and Rich Aarstad both ran for the office of vice president. Charlson is president of the Missoula Education Association and MEA-MFT’s current NEA director. Aarstad is secretary-treasurer of MEA-MFT.

Both gave outstanding presentations before the MEA-MFT board of directors at its August 2 meeting. In the end, Charlson prevailed. She is our new vice president, while Aarstad remains our secretary-treasurer. Both officer terms end June 14, 2016.

Melanie will continue to serve as our NEA director for the remainder (one year) of the term. By our governing documents, in the event of a vacancy, our vice president is an alternate to the NEA board of directors. The 2015 MEA-MFT representative assembly will elect a new NEA director.

“I wish all our members could have witnessed Melanie and Rich present why they should serve as our vice president,” said MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver.  “Articulate, informed, passionate.  All the right stuff.  Our union today is strong and getting stronger because of member/leaders like Melanie and Rich.”

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