Montana Developmental Center under attack

March 28, 2015 / Comments (0)



Once again, some legislators are trying to close the Montana Developmental Center in Boulder.

This facility provides care for some of Montana’s most difficult-to-care for people — those with severe mental, developmental, and behavioral disorders.

SB 411 (Caferro) represents a danger to these individuals, many of whom would have nowhere else to go. The bill is on a fast track.  

MEA-MFT represents nurses and other professional employees at MDC. We oppose SB 411. The bill forces the state to act quickly and without properly studying whether local programs can handle the residents who are now cared for at MDC.

MEA-MFT staff member Terry Minow testified against the bill, saying that there is no other place in Montana that specializes in the care needed for MDC residents, who are developmentally disabled and often also have serious mental illnesses.

The residents are sent there by a judge, because they’ve been judged to be a danger to themselves or the community.

“We believe the answer to alleged mismanagement of MDC is not to close (it),” she said. “The answer is to take action to improve MDC.”

Stand by for more information.

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