MDC: fix it, don’t close it

April 17, 2015 / Comments (0)



What you need to know about MDC:

Parents speak out for MDC

Lowell Bartels: “Closing MDC would be fiscally irresponsible”

MDC fact sheet

The legislature has adjourned, after passing SB 411 (Caferro), the bill to close the Montana Developmental Center.

We are asking the governor to VETO SB 411.

Our message is this: “Fix what needs to be fixed. We will help if you let us. But keep MDC open. Privatization for profit at the expense of those who need the care and those who deliver it is NOT the answer.”  
Please read the information in the box above. It’s important to understand what’s really at stake if MDC closes.

Please take action TODAY: Ask Governor Bullock to VETO SB 411. Call 444-3111 to leave him a message, or email [email protected]

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