Jan. 26 bill status

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HB 191 (Berglee) – fiscal note

HB 191 provides inflationary funding of k-12 basic and per pupil entitlements and other components of our public school funding program. Passed House 3d reading. On its way to the Senate.

HB 136 (Custer)

MEA-MFT bill – HB 136 increases state funding of the defined benefit Game Wardens’ and Peace Officers’ Retirement System by 2% in order to meet our state constitution’s directive that our public employee retirement systems be actuarially funded. MEA-MFT member correctional and probation and parole officers are embraced in this system. 

Passed House 2d Reading after being amended to increase employees’ contribution .44% to a total contribution of 11% to equal the state’s proposed contribution of 11%.  Rereferred to House Appropriations where its future is not so certain.  We are evaluating. 

HB 178 (Price) – fiscal note

HB 178 funds ANB for 19-year-old students. See news story. Heard January 23 in House Education. Strong support from various school districts, students, and MEA-MFT. No opponents. Heard January 23 in House Education. Strong support from various school districts, students, and MEA-MFT. No opponents. Urge members of House Education to vote YES. You can email the whole committee at a time from here.

SB 85 (Moe) –  SB 85 is the  decennial bill necessary to place the Montana University System 6 mill levy on the 2018 general election ballot.  This bill must pass and it will. But then not so long down the road we must work with the people of Montana to renew their property tax commitment to Montana higher education. This is what we do. Passed Senate.  Referred to House Tax.

SB 115 (Moe) – fiscal note

MEA-MFT bill – SB 115 provides a $3,000 per year stipend for National Board Certified Teachers.

Passed Senate Education January 23. Close vote.  Please urge all members of the Senate to support SB 115.




SB 99 (C. Smith) – Prohibits enforcement of federal firearms laws by Montana public employees. Referred to Senate Judiciary.

HB 246 (Brodehl) – Authorizes a person to carry a firearm on United States postal services property.  Hearing House Judiciary, January 24.

HB 280 (Brodehl) – Authorizes legislators to carry handguns on state property. Heard January 26 in House Judiciary. Next thing you know, lobbyists will want guns too. Ridiculous. Like our public schools, the Capitol must remain gun free. Urge members of House Judiciary to oppose HB 280. You can email the whole committee at a time from here.


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