Guns in schools bill dies on 2d reading

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After spirited debate, the House failed to pass the “guns in school bill,” HB 385, on 2d reading.

HB 385 (Berglee) – Failed 2d reading in the House today, February 27. Would have allowed a school district employee with a concealed weapons permit to carry a concealed handgun in school.

Your calls and emails to legislators made a difference! “Rep. Moffie Funk, D-Helena, said that telephone calls and web messages coming into the main legislative messaging centers showed more than 1,100 people against the bill, and only 80 in favor.

“’The math is clear: Our constituents, the people who sent us here, don’t want this,” she said.” See article

Please thank those House members who voted NO. See list below. 
To email a legislator –

Time-saving tip when contacting multiple legislators with the legislative e-mail system:

When you finish typing a message to a legislator and click “Send message,” you come to a page with options to send another message, go to other pages, etc.

Instead of choosing “Send another message,” click the “Back” button on your browser. You will go back to your completed form.

To send the same message to another legislator, just select the new legislator’s name and click “Send message” again.

To call a legislator: 406-444-4800. 

“NO” votes

Abbott, Kim 
Bachmeier, Jacob
Bennett, Bryce 
Bishop, Laurie 
Brown, Zach 
Cook, Rob
Court, Virginia 
Curdy, Willis  
Curtis, Amanda 
Custer, Geraldine 
Dudik, Kimberly 
Dunwell, Mary Ann 
Eck, Jennifer  
Ellis, Janet
Essmann, Jeff 
Fern, Dave 
Fitzgerald, Ross 
Fleming, John 
Funk, Moffie 
Garner, Frank 
Grubbs, Bruce 
Hamilton, Jim
Hamlett, Bradley
Hayman, Denise
Hill Smith, Ellie 
Jacobson, Tom 
Karjala, Jessica
Keane, Jim
Kelker, Kathy 
Kipp, George 
Knokey, Jon 
Loge, Denley 
Lynch, Ryan 
McCarthy, Kelly 
McConnell, Nate
Morigeau, Shane
Olsen, Andrea 
Peppers, Rae
Perry, Zac 
Pierson, Gordon 
Price, Jean
Ricci, Vince
Ryan, Marilyn
Sales, Walt
Schreiner, Casey
Shaw, Ray
Sheldon-Galloway, Lola
Smith, Bridget
Staffanson, Scott
Stewart-Peregoy, Sharon
Swanson, Kathy
Vinton, Sue
Webber, Susan
Welch, Tom
Windy Boy, Jonathan
Woods, Tom

Here’s the full vote –

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