Pres. Eric Feaver responds to state budget cuts

September 12, 2017 / Comments (0)



From MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver:

For sure, right now the first state tax dollar out the door goes to fight fires, fires that will keep on burning until the snow flies. 
But this governmental crisis did not begin with a mass of July lightning strikes in dry grass and timber.  It began in the last legislature, a legislature when given an informed opportunity refused to adopt necessary and appropriate tax increases. 
This is a wholly manufactured crisis dropped on our heads by a majority of legislators who would drown government in a bath tub and swirl the folks we represent, who deliver vital government programs and services, right on down the drain. 
Shame, shame.
Elections matter. 
But in fact, in the last analysis we the people share the blame. We elected these anti-government, political miscreants.

So our job today is to call, email, and write our legislators both House and Senate. Tell them we are sorry we gave them the power to destroy. Then tell them to get their act together and save us from ourselves.
Yes, a special session seems unavoidable. But a session dedicated only to slash and burn state employees and the work they do for all Montana is a complete dead end.


State could eliminate hundreds of jobs under latest proposed cuts

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