9 more MT teachers achieve National Board Certification

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Teacher effectiveness in Montana makes gains with 2017 class of National Board Certified Teachers

Late last month the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards announced that nine more Montana teachers successfully earned National Board Certification (NBC). 

According to the Montana Professional Teaching Foundation (MPTF), which administers the program in Montana, Montana now has 127 National Board Certified Teachers.

“These educators are GREAT representatives of Montana teachers who work every day to give our students the absolute best education possible,” said MPTF Chair Eric Feaver.

Achieving National Board Certification is no easy feat.  Candidates have up to three years to complete four component entries documenting their teaching performance.  There are three classroom-centered components, one of which must include videotaped evidence of quality instruction.  Most candidates spend from 120 to 200 hours preparing these components with the intent of subjecting their performance to rigorous professional peer evaluation.

Once they have submitted their classroom components, candidates sit for a written performance assessment targeted to measure their ability to instruct and convey information to students.

Candidates do not learn whether they have successfully earned National Board Certification for nearly six months after they have completed all their work.

Feaver went on to say that students across the state benefit when teachers achieve National Board Certification. “NBC teachers are change agents,” he said. “Many of them assume leadership roles in innovative educational efforts in their school, school district, and across Montana.”

The state of Montana provides a stipend of up to $2,000 per year to National Board Certified Teachers.  In addition, many local school districts likewise provide an annual NBC stipend.

Following are the Montana’s nine new National Board Certified teachers, their school districts, and their NBC specialty.

Jodi Delaney, Helena School District 1, Generalist/Middle Childhood

Kristi Gaines,
Bozeman School District 7, Generalist/Early Childhood

Chad Jackson,
Billings School District 2, School Counseling/Early Childhood through Young Adulthood

Rebecca Krantz,
Missoula County Public School District 1, Library Media/Early Childhood through Young Adulthood

Stephanie McBride-Bergantine,
Bozeman School District 7, Mathematics/Early Adolescence

Ellen McKenzie,
Missoula County Public School District 1, Music/Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood

Courtney Niemeyer,
Billings School District 2, Generalist/Early Childhood

Kerra Olson,
Billings School District 2, Generalist/Early Childhood

Katherine Senecal,
East Helena School District 9, Literacy: Reading-Language Arts/Early and Middle Childhood


The Montana Professional Teaching Foundation, based in Helena, works to promote and enhance the Montana teaching profession and quality education. The Foundation’s programs include:
• Karen Cox Memorial Grants to help teachers purchase innovative classroom resources
• National Board Certification & Candidate Support
• Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics & Science Teaching
• Jim McGarvey Scholarships


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