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One of MEA-MFT’s top priorities on the November 2018 ballot is the 6-Mill Levy, a statewide levy that Montanans have supported since 1948. It provides a key funding source for all 8 campuses in the Montana University System. MEA-MFT has members working on all of those campuses.
Here are KEY POINTS about the 6-Mill Levy:

1. The 6-Mill Levy is not a new tax.
It simply renews an existing levy to fund colleges and universities that was set in 1948 and has been approved by voters every ten years since without a single increase. 

2. The 6-Mill Levy is a Montana tradition. 
It is a commitment to our kids that has been approved by Montana voters for 70 years. This is a critical investment in our future generations and our state.

3. The 6-Mill Levy benefits all Montana communities. 
Every community benefits from efforts like the scientific and agricultural research at universities and colleges that keeps farmers and ranchers on the cutting edge of new technologies and practices and helps protect our fisheries and public lands.

4. The 6-Mill Levy keeps education more affordable for all Montana students and families. 
Montana students are paying 60% of tuition costs-out-of-pocket, more than double a generation ago. Without the levy, tuition could rise by 18%, making college unaffordable for many Montana students and families. 

5. The 6-Mill Levy readies graduates to compete for the jobs of tomorrow. 
The levy ensures Montana students have opportunities at 4- and 2-year colleges to help them compete for the jobs within a year of graduation. 

6. The 6-Mill Levy funds go directly to Montana universities and colleges. 
Distribution of 6-Mill Levy funds is discussed and approved by citizens across the state who sit on the Montana Board of Regents. 

How you can help:

Download this brief fact sheet about the 6-Mill Levy.

Pass the word! “Vote YES on the 6-mill levy in November!”

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