Arntzen’s Last Four Legislative Sessions

January 31, 2020 / Comments (0)


As Superintendent of Public Instruction during the 2019 Legislature

In the 2019 legislature, her second as superintendent, Elsie said almost nothing about bills that impact k-12 public schools and school communities. She provided NO leadership whatsoever. Elsie:

· Failed to oppose HB 303 to end compulsory education.
· Refused to support HB 225, the governor’s k-12 school funding bill. She opposed his proposal to begin state funding of prek public education.
· Failed to testify in support of HB 159, the Republican leadership’s k-12 school funding bill.
· Failed to oppose HB 755 that would in part privatize state funded prek.
· Spoke in favor of school privatization at a Montana Family Foundation sponsored school “choice” rally.
· Failed to support HB 211 that establishes new hire school loan repayment of up to $12,000 over three years of successful employment.
· Failed to support HB 351 that provides state funded incentives for school districts to implement “transformational” learning.
· Failed to say anything about HB 387 that expands personalized opportunities for students to accelerate career and college readiness.
· Said nothing about HB 638 that inflates k-12 special education funding for the biennium.
· And said nothing about SB 92 that provides greater local school district funding capacity to address student health issues and school safety.

2017 – Whatever Elsie did during the 2017 legislature, her first as superintendent is lost to history.

2015 – As a member of the Montana Senate

· Voted YES on HB 322 providing local and state revenue vouchers for certain kids to enroll in private and sectarian schools almost anywhere.
· Voted NO on SB 12 providing state funding of 19 year olds who maintain high school enrollment.
· Voted YES for SB 410 establishing income tax credits funding student scholarship organizations to create scholarships for kids attending private, unaccredited schools.

In addition, in the Senate Education Committee

· Voted NO on SB 14 raising the mandatory school enrollment age to 18.
· Voted YES on HB 596 establishing charter schools.

2013 – As a member of the Montana Senate

· Voted YES on HB 213 creating taxpayer funded tuition tax credits for private and sectarian education.
· Voted NO on SB 14 providing ANB funding for students 19 years of age.
· Voted YES on SB 81 providing tax credits to student scholarship organizations to reward scholarships to kids attending private, sectarian, and unaccredited schools.
· Voted YES on SB 406 terminating TRS and PERS defined pension benefit plans.

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