Work that Matters: Ride Along

January 31, 2020 / Comments (0)

Work that Matters

by President Eric Feaver

Yesterday, a bright, warm, and beautiful day, Trooper Joe Fowler, MFPE member doing Work that Matters, invited me to “ride along” as he patrolled the Helena district.  Joe didn’t chase anyone around.  But he did stop a few folks for traffic violations.*  Fortunately I did not witness any DUI stops or crashes.  Good thing for me.  Joe, too, I think.

In the four hours I rode along, and the one hour lunchtime I shared with Joe and three other troopers and MFPE members, I learned a lot about the patrol.  Joe was a superb instructor explaining in detail what he was doing as he did it.  And he patiently answered one question after another.  And then at lunch I listened in on a couple of stories about trooper work and life most of us never experience and shouldn’t.

The Montana Highway Patrol is here to serve and does it really well.  MFPE is honored and proud to represent troopers like Joe and all our hundreds of law enforcement members spread across numerous cities, counties, and state government.

* Seat belts save lives.  Small children must be properly restrained.  And don’t forget cars must have licenses FRONT and back.  That’s the law.

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