3d Annual MFPE Conference to convene virtually April 17-18

March 25, 2020 / Comments (0)


Over the last two weeks I have used my listserve (and Facebook) several times to inform folks that we postponed the 3d Annual MFPE Conference, originally scheduled for April 3-4.  But I made it clear that we would not and could not cancel our conference. 

Ten days ago or so, I emailed all our local affiliate presidents directing them to register their local delegates to our conference.  I gave them until Friday last week, March 20, to get the job done.  And boy did they register delegates! 

Over 563 delegates are now officially on board!  We will NOT register another delegate.  Registered delegates well represent our diverse membership.

Today, I informed each one of our delegates: 

  • Our 3d Annual MFPE Conference will convene virtually Friday evening, April 17 and Saturday morning, April 18.
  • April 17 delegates will meet in plenary session to elect officers, consider constitutional amendments, and adopt dues, and budget.
  • April 18, delegates will meet in district caucuses to elect district officers and delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly.

That’s it.  No bells.  No whistles.  Not many speeches.   We will do the business of our union that must be done.  And we will do it virtually.

Yes, we are building this plane as we fly it.  But then, GREAT unions are quick to learn how to do new things great. 

That would be us, MFPE.

– MFPE President Eric Feaver

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