MFPE members preparing cities and towns for COVID-19

Missoula and life has been very busy since COVID-19 hit Montana. “I worked with the Missoula Incident Command Team in setting up two COVID-19 shelters in the Missoula area,” says Sauro. Sauro also wrote the City of Missoula Emergency Construction COVID-19 Protocol for City of Missoula inspectors to follow.

While setting up Missoula’s COVID-19 shelters, it was Sauro’s job to “make sure the boilers got inspected and approved by the State of Montana and the potable water system in the building was safe. I had to make sure the proper backflow devices for the building were in place and if not had them installed and inspected.” Sauro recently did a final walk through to make sure the building’s potable water and drainage systems were ready for use.

As Montana continues to respond the the spread of COVID-19, MFPE members like Tony Sauro are doing absolutely critical work to prepare cities and towns like Missoula.

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