MFPE members working to keep Montanans safe and healthy

Members of MFPE Local 8512 are hard at work delivering essential services through the Missoula City-County Health Department. Many members have had their jobs drastically transformed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

MFPE member Alisha Johnson, an Environmental Health Specialist is now a Public Information Officer. Pam Morfitt, a Health Data & Referral Assistant is now a Logistics Supervisor.  Environmental Health Specialists Michael Dorshorst and Linda Ito are now charged with Closure Order Enforcement. Emily Andrea is also working on closure enforcement in addition to being the Pop-up Emergency Child Care Supervisor. Sarah Coefield is putting her journalism degree to work by managing website updates and coordinated communications.

All of this work is being done as part of the Department’s Incident Command System to keep citizens safe and healthy in Missoula county.   It is another example of MFPE members stepping-up and doing work that matters for their communities regardless of the circumstances.

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