MFPE Endorses Governor Steve Bullock for U.S. Senate

April 7, 2020 / Comments (0)


The Montana Federation of Public Employees’ (MFPE) political action committee announced today that it is endorsing Governor Steve Bullock for U.S. Senate. MFPE is Montana’s largest and most professionally diverse union, representing 23,000 members living and working in every Montana community.

The decision to endorse Governor Bullock for U.S. Senate was made following an in-depth interview conducted by MFPE member-leaders. The interview focused on where the candidate stands on important issues facing MFPE’s diverse membership including teachers, law enforcement, and health care professionals working in public institutions across all levels of Montana government.

Following the endorsement, MFPE President Eric Feaver released the following statement:

“Governor Steve Bullock gets it. He gets that all Montanans want and deserve good government programs and services that help them in their everyday individual, family, and community lives. As governor, he twice delivered Medicaid Expansion that right now is a life saver for thousands of Montanans. He delivered unprecedented increases in public school funding and expansion of public school programs. He successfully guided the state government through a fiscal crisis, a state government of terrific employees who are now hard at work providing our citizens the best they can as we all struggle through the coronavirus provoked crisis. And Governor Bullock is more than willing to meet with we the people to visit about the issues of the day and engage in hard questions of the moment.

Governor Bullock is a proven Montana political leader who will infinitely better represent us all in the U.S. Senate than his incumbent opponent who remains unapproachable, unwilling to visit with this union, and incapable of convening a forum of any sort that he does not control.”

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