MFPE Member State Troopers Continue to Keep Montana Safe

Carl Ward MFPE

The work of Montana’s law enforcement can’t stop in the face of a pandemic. However, COVID-19 is causing some necessary changes. Montana Highway Patrol Trooper and MFPE member Carl Ward said that “there is definitely a greater sense of self awareness when dealing with the public in regards to PPE and increased sanitation. Nonetheless, this pandemic does not let any first responder cease to answer the call to service on a daily basis. We remain focused on being visible and vigilant.”

No matter the circumstances, Montana’s troopers are on the front lines protecting Montanans and their families. “We will continue to patrol, respond to service calls, and help the motoring public,” said Ward. “I would ask that people be patient during this stressful time and be especially mindful when traveling around Montana.”

As a state trooper, Ward knows that every day brings danger and the chance of being put in harm’s way. However, Ward said the pandemic adds another level of concern to an already dangerous job: how his service could impact his family. “In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, I find myself thinking a lot about the fact that my job as a first responder can directly affect my family, he said. “I find reassurance in knowing my immediate family as well as the first responder community go out everyday and continue to serve, even with the knowledge of what could be. I am still very grateful to live and serve the people of Montana. I am always amazed at the amount of support all first responders receive from the citizens of Montana.”

Montana is a better place because of MFPE members like Carl Ward and his family who continue to do work that matters, regardless of the situation.

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