MFPE Announces Endorsement of Bryce Bennett for Secretary of State

Bennett endorsement

April 9, 2020 / Comments (0)


The Montana Federation of Public Employees’ (MFPE) political action committee announced today that it has endorsed Bryce Bennett for Secretary of State.

State Senator Bryce Bennett, a champion for voter right and election access, has been and will continue to be an advocate on many of the important issues facing MFPE’s diverse membership, which includes teachers, law enforcement, and health care professionals working in public institutions across all levels of Montana government.

“After four years of simply weird, official misdeeds and misdirection, Montana needs and deserves a Secretary of State who believes a citizen’s right to vote must never be abridged,” said President Feaver. “We need a Secretary of State who will fight against all forms of voter suppression.  Bryce Bennett is the Secretary of State we must elect. For the good of all.”

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