MFPE Announces Endorsement of Tom Woods for PSC

Tom Woods

April 10, 2020 / Comments (0)


The Montana Federation of Public Employees’ (MFPE) political action committee announced today that it has endorsed MFPE member Tom Woods for Public Service Commission (PSC). Tom Woods is running for Public Service Commission’s open 3rd District seat, which covers southwestern Montana.

MFPE chose to endorse Woods because of his commitment to representing the people of Montana in a process that puts regular people at a disadvantage. Additionally, Woods, like MFPE, believes that Montana can do a far better job of protecting ratepayers from being overcharged by monopoly utilities.

“The current pro-corporate Public Service Commission has forgotten, completely forgotten, everyday individual, family, and small business Montana energy consumers,” said President Eric Feaver.  “Tom Woods knows legalized graft and incompetence when he sees it.  He definitely sees it on the current commission, which is why we need his fresh perspective on the PSC. Tom Woods will be a champion for individual, family, and small business Montana energy rate payers and consumers.”

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