MFPE Statement on Black Lives Matters

June 8, 2020 / Comments (0)


MFPE stands for Black Lives Matters.

MFPE condemns unnecessary, unprovoked, unconscionable profile-based police assaults on minority Americans,

In recent days, in communities across Montana, individual MFPE members have protested against institutional racism and unwarranted police violence.

MFPE local affiliates have issued their own statements of outrage and determination to make things better yet again.

And so it is with MFPE.

Let no one doubt:  This great union of public employees absolutely believes Black Lives Matter here and everywhere across our nation.

And we are completely dedicated to address the institutional racism that has defined our present and distorted our history for almost half a millennium.

Our journey forward will be hard but it will be done . . .

Meanwhile, I know our individual members and our local affiliates will press forward as they must.  We will stand by them throughout.

– Eric Feaver, President

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