Did You Know MFPE Members Can Attend College At No Cost?

Bryan Blair

August 3, 2020 / Comments (0)


Getting a college degree doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, if you’re an MFPE member, you and your family members can earn an associate degree online — for FREE. Thanks to a partnership between MFPE and AFT, any MFPE member can attend East Gateway Community College at no cost.

“I never would have gone to college without the union as it just wasn’t feasible for me financially. But thanks to MFPE I was able to pursue higher education,” says MFPE member Bryan Blair.

Bryan Blair had heard from other MFPE members that union members could attend East Gateway Community College for free. “I immediately looked into it and found out it was true,” remarks Blair. “I enrolled right away in the criminal justice program, and I also received some credit for the law enforcement academy. Since I work in corrections it seemed like that path would work best.”

Blair says he pursued a degree from East Gateway Community College not only for his career, but for his family, too. “I feel like any education is a great thing and as I have a nine month old son I wanted to be able to tell him I pursued higher education,” says Blair. “My son and wife were a huge part of this and a huge motivation and support for me. I’m Summa Cum Laude and after this I am planning on going to Central State University, which I also get to do for free–all thanks to the union. 

If you are interested in attending East Gateway Community College — for FREE, you can apply here.

Many MFPE members already have college debt. MFPE has tools to help with that, too. Click here to learn more.

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