MFPE will do more than hope. We will fight.

MFPE will fight

November 6, 2020 / Comments (0)


We left nothing on the field this election cycle. MFPE members fought for our shared values, including dignity in the workplace, investments in essential public services, and quality public education.

Unfortunately, this year’s election results mean that our freedom to negotiate for fair wages, benefits, and working conditions will be targeted for elimination. Extremist legislators will also be trying to cut public services and privatize public education.

We join the Billings Gazette in “fervently hop[ing] that this experiment will not end as it has in Kansas and Oklahoma, where unfettered right-wing Legislatures and governors have impoverished public education, slashed social safety nets and eliminated environmental regulations.”

But MFPE will do more than hope.  We will fight.

Organized labor in Montana has historically fought for the middle class and workers’ rights. Nothing has changed in that regard.

There is only one direction to go from here–forward.

MFPE members must fight like never before to protect the Montana values of public education, public service, and union membership.  Are you in?  Click here to join the fight.

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