MFPE Responds to Governor’s Decision to Delay the Vaccination of Educators, Front-Line Workers

January 5, 2021 / Comments (5)


MFPE President Amanda Curtis has issued the following statement:

Today, Governor Gianforte held a press conference announcing that educators and other front-line workers have been moved to the back of the line for COVID vaccinations. For nine months now, educators and front-line workers across the state have been doing everything possible to keep our schools open and our economy moving. These Montanans have risked their own person health, and some have even died.

Governor Gianforte outlined during his press conference that Montana will have only 1/3 of the doses needed to vaccinate everyone in line ahead of educators and front-line workers, leaving essential workers waiting for doses that will not reach Montana for months. That’s not good enough to keep schools open and government running.

Governor Gianforte also promised to lift the mask mandate, the number one protection currently keeping Montanans safe at work.

Today’s decision to delay the ability of teachers, school employees, and other front-line workers to receive vaccines is unfortunate and a slug in the gut to thousands of heroic Montanans. The threat to lift Montana’s mask mandate coupled with the decision to delay vaccinations for educators and front-line workers undermines and delays efforts in nearly every Montana community to keep schools open and our economy moving forward. The math doesn’t add up, the timeline is flawed, and the policy is misguided.

MFPE will continue to advocate that those asked to risk their well-being every day be vaccinated as soon as possible and that all Montanans mask up to protect themselves and their neighbors.

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MFPE Responds to Governor’s Decision to Delay the Vaccination of Educators, Front-Line Workers

  1. Cynthia Farrar says:

    I am not surprised that this inexperienced legislator would put politics first, but I want to believe that “real” Montanans will continue to wear masks and advocate for our frontline workers.

  2. Vickie says:

    All schools should go 100 percent remote learning unless teachers and school staff are vaccinated. Our teachers and school staff have endured this long enough. If this takes a strike or a walk out by the teachers, that is what they should do.

  3. Lea tatsey says:

    Terrible decision, how can we persuade this Trumplican to do the correct and proper way. Those that do not wear a mask, should not be allowed to get the vaccine, they think they are exempt from it anyway, so let them get at the back of the line, or is because they can afford the necessary medicine? Priority to front-line workers, school employees, and our most vunerable should be top priority!

  4. I believe each and every teacher and anybody working in schools and his drivers should sign a petition what could be possible be thinking. This is insane. All front line workers should also sign a petition
    It has begun. I fear what he will do with our state and our values.

  5. Shelly Fischer says:

    I am very disgusted with this decision …being the owner of 4 child care facility for 28 years, continued to stay open during the entire time for “essential workers” I feel like we should be one of the first to have the vaccination? #Disgusted Shelly Fischer

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