Eric Matthews Elected MFPE 2nd Vice President

January 28, 2021 / Comments (0)


Eric Matthews MFPE

MFPE member and Bozeman educator Eric Matthews was elected MFPE 2nd Vice President during last week’s MFPE Board of Directors meeting. Matthews will fulfill the term of former MFPE 2nd Vice President, Rich Aarstad of Helena, who resigned earlier this month due to a career change.  Matthews joins 24 other MFPE members on MFPE’s Board of Directors. “Working for and supporting policies and actions that improve the lives of working Montanans is important work, and work that I desire to be a part of,” says Matthews. “As a member of MFPE for the last 20 years, I have been a part of a group of dedicated people at all levels that set aside their own desire for personal gain to work for the benefit of a collective good.” 

MFPE is a worker democracy. To better understand MFPE’s elected governance structure, be sure to watch this video. To join 2nd Vice President Eric Matthews in fighting for our union freedoms, visit

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