Pay Plan Debate–See for Yourself

During floor debate on HB 13, more commonly referred to as the State Employee Pay Plan, Representatives Usher (Billings-R) and Lenz (Billings-R) spoke in opposition to the MFPE member-negotiated deal. Their remarks showed open contempt for Montana’s public employees who have continued to deliver essential services to every Montana community during a global pandemic. You can watch their speeches below. Thankfully, HB 13 passed 62-37 today and is now on its way to the Senate before being signed into law.

Representatives Usher and Lenz are clearly in the most extreme minority in the Legislature. Watch this video of the bipartisan speeches in support our member-negotiated pay plan. Please take a moment to share this news and then fill out the form at to stand with thousands of other MFPE members in fighting for our freedom to join together in a union and negotiate fair wages and benefits.

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