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MFPE Spring Virtual Meetings start soon! All meetings will be held virtually for the safety of all members. Be sure to register ahead of time! As always, these meetings will provide a great opportunity to ask questions, meet other union members, and learn about the work of our statewide union! All members are encouraged to attend the meeting most convenient for you.

Topics that will be discussed include the 2021 Annual Conference, elections for MFPE offices, MFPE budget and dues, COVID-19 information, the 2021 Montana Legislative Session, and much more!

Register for the Spring Meeting on March 3

Register for the Spring Meeting on March 10

Register for the Spring Meeting on March 17

All MFPE members who wish to attend the MFPE Spring Virtual Meetings must REGISTER using the provided links above.  Please make sure to register right away, but you must absolutely do so 24 hours prior to your meeting. You will be asked to provide your name and contact information.

Once you have registered, your registration and membership status will be reviewed and approved by MFPE staff. This could take a day or two. Please be patient with our registration approval staff. After your approval, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions and link for logging on to your MFPE Spring 2021 Meeting. Again, please check all folders (Junk/Spam/Clutter). If you do not receive a registration confirmation, please contact MFPE ASAP. Once you receive the confirmation e-mail within 2 to 3 days, please save it to your calendar or another spot where you can be sure to access it the day of your meeting.

Participants should be aware of the following technical requirements for the MFPE Spring Virtual Meetings:

  • A dedicated device (computer/tablet/Smartphone)
  • Device must be compatible with the Zoom platform (we have found most Smartphones are compatible – so if you do not have a computer or tablet, or even if you do, this is a great option!)
  • To participate or ask questions, your device needs a microphone and speakers/headphones (Most Smartphones and tablets come equipped with these).
  • Call-in only audio participation is not supported.
  • Device should be connected to a stable and adequate internet source capable of streaming video. If your internet connection allows you to stream video in other formats, it is likely to work for Zoom.
  • Attendees are responsible for the device they use, device compatibility with Zoom, and device connectivity. If you do not own a compatible device, please work to make arrangements to utilize one prior to the conference.

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